To the Taino people who lived here long before the
Europeans came, this place was Xamayca: land of water
and wood.

To the Spanish conquistadores after 1494, this place was
Las Chorreras: the waterfalls.

To the English who overtook the Spanish colony in 1655
(and who misunderstood the Spanish name), this place
became Ocho Rios: eight rivers.

To the slaves of African descent who gained their freedom
in 1834 - and to the generations of their children and
grandchildren who established a peaceful fishing village
here - this place is Ochie.

Taking its name from this precious spot, the Ochie brand is
inspired by all of the islands scattered like emeralds across
the aquamarine expanse of the Caribbean Sea.



Ochie has devoted itself to create swimwear and resort wear from high quality fibres and we are bringing this collection to you with a sustainable and planet loving approach.

Ready To Wear - made from natural and sustainable textitles.


Ochie represents the heart of contemporary but timeless
Caribbean beach style.

Made by hand for large and small, for curves and angles, for soft
mounds and flat planes, and for all of the infinite ways that all
women’s bodies embody our own perfect beauty. Ochie looks
gorgeous, and feels even better.

Combining perfect fit with classic design, fabric sourced from
European mills, lush custom prints and effortless handwoven
accessories to create unique looks for the surf and the sand.

Ochie’s palette evokes white sand beaches and pristine turquoise
bays, the emerald green hills that embrace them, the brilliant native
flora and fauna, and the endless blue expanse of the sky above -
bright as day, deep as night.


As our brand grew, what started as a timeless Caribbean label has now evolved into a community of like minded collaborators that share our physical space in the heart of Coconut Grove, Miami.

A community of brands that symbolise the women who are born in the islands, the
women who visit the islands, and the women who embody the spirit of
the islands - wherever around the world we may wander.

Ochie is mi soon come. Soon, but not too soon. No rush, no hurry.
Don’t wait up. Sit back, you’ll see. Take your time. Have another.
Sing it again, and again, and again.

Hana Lloyd, Designer and Creative Director.

Nothing shines as bright a light on the meaning of “home” as leaving for a while

Born in Trinidad to a Jamaican father and Trinidadian mother, Hana Lloyd is Caribbean through and through
After spending many years working
as a pilot for major international airlines, and from the perspective
that distance and experience offer, Hana recognized the unique
preciousness of the islands of her birth. She saw how the interwoven
stories of natives, Europeans and Africans have created a diverse
culture without match, and in a place of unparalleled physical beauty
and generous climate. She has since dedicated herself to the design
and creation of the Ochie label, born and bred in the islands, to
represent these beloved places in custom-designed forms, curated
fabric, artisanal construction and bespoke fit. 

In other words, Hana’s globe-trotting adventures brought her all the way back home - as the best adventures always do. Back to the warm breezes, the sweet sunshine, the susurration of the waves as they lick the beach, the rhythm of the steelpan and the djembe, and the gentle laughter among neighbors - those special Caribbean sensations that seduce us all to feel as welcome as family, as beloved as friends.