Creative Energy Candles

Creative Energy Candles - 2 in 1 French Fig & Amber Soy Lotion Candle 3.5oz Travel Tin

Recycled packaging
Eco Friendly Material
Fast Delivery

Smells like a five-star hotel. Ripe fig, jasmine, and a touch of amber combine to create our most luxurious scent. This unique blend leads French Fig & Amber to be our most popular candle year-round.

Made with natural essential oils, including rosewood, jasmine, and oak.

When burned, these cosmetic candles melt to create a beautiful scent, as well as a healthy body lotion suitable for the skin.

Throw Level: 4/5

Burn Times:   10 oz: 40+ hrs   |   7 oz: 20+ hrs   |   Travel Tin: 10+ hrs 

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