Creative Energy Candles

Creative Energy Candles - 2 in 1 Citrus Basil & Wild Mint Soy Lotion Candle 7oz Glass

Recycled packaging
Eco Friendly Material
Fast Delivery

Smells like a summer garden. Bring the sunshine indoors with a fusion of fresh herbs like basil and mint complimented by energizing citrus. This light scent will brighten any home.

Made with natural essential oils, including geranium, lime, lemon, and basil.

When burned, these cosmetic candles melt to create a beautiful scent, as well as a healthy body lotion suitable for the skin.

Throw Level: 3/5

Burn Times:   10 oz: 40+ hrs   |   7 oz: 20+ hrs   |   Travel Tin: 10+ hrs 

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